A bicycle ride through Florence

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Alleys and small streets of every kind are part of what makes Florence a charming city. Even if you cannot drive in the city centre, you can still choose to get a bike. Faster and ecological!

There are so many things to see, so hop on your bicycle and let’s go!

Starting in a less touristic area is always a plus, you can get to see how locals really live, where they hang out and what they actually love about their city.

San Frediano is the most florentine area, the one that florentines love the most. It’s still so genuine and peaceful that it’s hard to describe: just go and see yourself, sometimes it’s more about feelings and not about words.


The whole Oltrarno quarter is special. Once you are there, go for a small walk and take a look at all the artisan shops. They are lovely and tempting, so you may end up to buy something…but it won’t be your average souvenir!




You don’t have to cycle too much to get to Palazzo Pitti, a former Medici mansion and house of one of the most amazing art collections in the world. And gardens, yes, their gardens (Boboli) are just breathtaking.



We are getting now in the heart of the city and just a minute away from Pitti palace you will find Ponte Vecchio and all its gold and jewels shops. They say that even Hitler, when bombed the city, thought that Ponte Vecchio was so beautiful and so he decided to save it.



Now it’s time to go to Santa Croce church, known for the famous Italians buried there. It is the largest Franciscan church in the world and hosts some incredible artworks from Brunelleschi, Giotto and Donatello (just to mention a few).



Now it’s time to head to one of the symbols of Florence: Piazza della Signoria. Features fountains, numerous statues and Palazzo Vecchio, the city hall of Florence, it is the political and emotional heart of the city. There is so much to say about it that would need a dedicated post (coming soon, promise!)




Can you see that building between Palazzo Vecchio and the Loggia? It’s the Uffizi Gallery. Did you know that the word Uffizi comes from Uffici (Offices)? This because before being a museums they were the offices during the government of the Medici family.



So, how does this ride sound?

You can rent a bike and go at your own pace or you can choose a tour!  If you like the second option here is a Florence bike tour: join it and a Florentine will guide you around and tell you a lot of facts and stories!