Best of Lucca

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Lucca is one of those cities that not many people know but once you discover it, you won’t forget it. Even if it’s way smaller than the more famous Florence, there are many things to see: think that the city houses 100 churches!

Since there is more than religious architecture, we have created a list of the things to do and see in Lucca, kinda like a best of.

  1. Walk The Walls 

Completely accessible, they are a typical trait of this city and an essential part of its local life. And don’t forget secret passages and hideaways!



2.  Climb Torre Guinigi

First of all because you can’t easily find a tower with a garden on top:


Then because of the view!



3. Churches 

There are at least two that you must see. One is obviously the Duomo:


The other one is the church of San Michele:



4. Piazza dell’Anfiteatro

The main square of Lucca raises on what survives of a roman an amphitheater. Needless to say that its unique shape makes it lovely!



5. Shopping in Fillungo

The shopping street of Lucca is called Fillungo and is lined with lovely stores and bars. You can look at fancy clothing  but you can even take the chance to enter one of the old family run shops!



This was our Lucca Top 5 and we really hope you won’t miss the opportunity to visit it. It’s really one of our favorite places in the world.

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