#mysienaexperience diary: day two

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As promised we are back with the a new chapter of our beloved #mysienaexperience story.

Saturday has been a big day, pheraps the most Tuscan of them all.

We started in the morning by picking up our rides: four vintage Fiat 500. We drove through the Valdorcia, the beautiful area in the south of Siena. In the area of Leonina there is a very beautiful point where we stopped to take a few photos of one of the most scenic Tuscany landscapes.

After that back on the car towards Asciano for a new activity: truffle hunting. Helped by mr. Alido, that told us about the marzolino truffles, and his lovely friend Roddy, we searched through the woods and afterwards we enjoyed a lunch prepared with the truffles we found.

After lunch is the best moment to relax. A lot of people opt for a classic nap on the couch, we instead went for a relaxing bath at the hot springs of San Giovanni, in Rapolano. It’s needless to say that we have a great time.

We remained there till the sunset to enjoy the warm waters because we could not think of a better way to finish the day.

Hopefully you enjoyed this recap and remember, there is the last one to come soon!